Try to fly program & Aerobatics

In our club you may personally experience what it takes to be a pilot…

The experience package always begins by theory during which you consult with our instructor the very basics about flying, pilotage and also usual briefing before the flight. The next step is the planning of the actual flight, the route planning, checking the activation of restricted airspaces, weather conditions and then the actual checking of the airplane before the flight. Once you in the airplane the instructor will introduce and explain the instruments in the cockpit. The instructor will take – off to safe altitude and you will follow the planned path while given instructions. During the flight you will experience several different situations including downward and upward turns and steep turns. During the flight it is also possible to experience zero gravity situation..:) The program of the flight always depends on the chosen package and actual meteorological situation. The landing of the aircraft is performed by instructor.

Each package might be performed by two or four seater airplane. In case you choose the four – seater, you may bring up to two additional passengers who will enjoy the flight from the back seat..

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The packages differ mainly by the flight time :

Package standard

Package includes:

  • 10 minutes of theory
  • 25 minutes of pur flying out which 15 minutes of pilotage
  • Route path of your choice

Cessna 152: 3.980,- CZK (pilot + 1)
Cessna 172: 4.980,- CZK (pilot + 3)

Package medium

Package includes:

  • 20 minutes of theory
  • 50 minutes of pure flying out which 45 minutes of pilotage
  • Route path of your choice

Cessna 152: 5.960,- CZK (pilot + 1)
Cessna 172: 6.960,- CZK (pilot + 3)

Package profi

Package includes:

  • 30 minutes of theory
  • 90 minutes of pure flying out of which 85 minutes of pilotage
  • Flying through Kbely military airspace
  • Flying through Prague :)

Cessna 152: 8.990,- CZK (pilot + 1)
Cessna 172: 9.990,- CZK (pilot + 3)

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