Private Pilot Licence PPL(A)

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We provide training for private airplane pilot (PPL – Private Pilot License), which is suitable for aviation enthusiasts who want to fulfill a childhood dream and fly for pleasure, or business people who need to quickly get from point A to point B and are considering to buy their own plane or they can just rent. PPL is also essential, therefore, that candidate could undergo other types of training (ATPL theory, MEP / IR, CPL) and became a professional pilot and could apply for a job with the airline.

Requirements prior to the course:
– Minimum age of 16 years to apply
– Class 2 Medical Certificate

Training curriculum:

  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Human performance
  • Aircraft navigation
  • Communication
  • Basics of flight
  • Meteorology

The theoretical examination consists on the Civil Aviation Authority in Prague. The practical part includes 45 hours in the aircraft C-152 + check ride with an examiner

Training Price: 148.050,- CZK (5.990 EUR)

Price includes
– rental of aircraft C-152 45 hours
– instructor

Price not includes
– landing fees aprox. 3.000 CZK (120 EUR)
– theoretical exam in CAA 4.200 CZK (170 EUR)
– practical exam in Cessna 152 aprox. 6.500 CZK (260 EUR)
– theory 5.000 CZK (200 EUR)
– tuition fee 5.000 CZK (200 EUR)
– VAT 21%

You needn´t pay all price in advance but cuntinuously.

If you would like start training in Cessna 172 please contact us.

If you need accomodation we have partner which has Pension for very good price and 10 minutes from the airport only. 

We fly 7 days per week. You can start any time. Time needed to obtain Private Pilot Licence is between 5 to 8 weeks.

Photogallery and video

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