SEP/IR – Instrument Rating


Instrument Rating refers to the qualifications that a pilot must have in order to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). Instrument rating is a must if you want to become a professional pilot and is useful when flying long distances as a private pilot.

Course requirements:

  • at least 18 years old
  • 1st or 2nd class medical
  • PPL(A) holder wit valid night rating
  • fluent English

Ground training
The applicant has to go through ground training covering:

  • Air law
  • Instrumentation
  • Flight planning & monitoring
  • Human performance & limitations
  • Meteorology
  • General navigation
  • Radio navigation
  • Operational procedures
  • Communications
  • Course duration

The module course covers at least 200 hours of self-study and class sessions.

For training of instrument approaches we fly mainly to LKVO – Vodochody airport, LKKV – Karlovy Vary airport. Mainly doesnt mean
exlusively, therefore we also do navigation flights abroad to Dresden, Wroclav, Hof and more :)) All our IR instructors are proffesional airliners pilots and have vast experience. The IR course is done in combination with 25 hours on simulator FNTP ATR-42 and 25 hours on Cessna 172 which is equiped with GNS Garmin GTN650.

Flight training
Basic instrument flight module:

  • Basic instrument flight without external visual cues (horizontal flights, climbing, descending, turns in level flight, climbing, descending)
  • Instrument pattern
  • Steep turn
  • Radio navigation
  • Recovery from unusual attitudes
  • Limited panel
  • Recognition and recovery from incipient and full stalls

Procedural instrument flight module:

  • Pre-flight procedures for IFR flights, including the use of the flight manual and appropriate air traffic services documents in the preparation of an IFR flight plan
  • Procedure and maneuvers for IFR operation under normal, abnormal and emergency conditions
  • transition from visual to instrument flight on take off
  • standard instrument departures and arrivals
  • en route IFR procedures
  • holding procedures
  • instrument approaches to specified minima
  • missed approach procedures
  • landings from instrument approaches, including circling
  • In flight maneuvers and particular flight characteristics

Examination – Practical
The applicant must demonstrate the ability to:

  • Operate the airplane within its limitations
  • Complete all maneuvers with smoothness and accuracy
  • Exercise good judgment and airmanship
  • Apply aeronautical knowledge
  • Maintain control of the airplane at all times

Price: 8.790 EUR

Price includes:

  • 25 flight hours on simulator FNTP II (ATR-42)
  • 25 flight hours on C-172
  • Instructor
  • All learning materials
  • Access to PC for planning

Price does not include:

  • Landing fees approx. 3.000 CZK (120 EUR)
  • Navigational charges approx. 5.000 CZK (200 EUR)
  • Exam approx. 6.500 (265 EUR)
  • Tuition fee 5.000 CZK (200 EUR)
  • VAT 21%


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