0-ATPL(A) program

0-ATPL(A) program

It´s time to start with your training. Airlines need pilots. In 0-ATPL(A) program with EASA requirements in PART-FCL is:

– PPL(A) – Private Pilot Licence
– Night training
– MEP – Multi Engine Piston
– SEP/IR and MEP/IR – Instrument rating
– CPL – Commercial Pilot Licence
– ATPL Theory
– Time Building

Course entry requirements

  • Minimum age of 18 years (16 years to enroll PPL training program)
  • First class medical certificate before start ATPL theory (Second class medical certificate up to PPL(A), night and MEP)
  • No previous flight experience needed
  • English language knowledge

From 0-CPL(A) with ATPL(A) theroy needed is approximately 60 weeks.

EASA 0-ATPL(A) Program Amount
PPL(A) training
Aircraft Cessna 152 45 hours (10 hours Pilot in Command)
Flight Instructor 45 hours
Tuition fee
Night Training
Aircraft Cessna 172 5 hours
Flight Instructor 5 hours
Tuition fee
ATPL(A) Theory 650
ICAO English
Time Building 
Cessna 152 90 hours Pilot in Command
Cessna 172 25 hours
Simulator FNTP II (ATR 42) 25 hours
Instructor 50 hours
Tuition fee
Piper Seneca (Cessna 421C) 11 hours
Instructor 11 hours
Tuition fee
Cessna 152 15 hours
Cessna 172 RG 5 hours
Instructor 15 hours
Tuition fee
Total Hours 221 hours
Pilot in Command 100 hours
Simulator FNTP II (ATR 42) 25 hours
Total Price 34.990 EUR (39.990 EUR Cessna 421C)

Price not includes:
– 21% of VAT
– landing and navigation fees
– Exams

You needn´t pay all price in advance but cuntinuously.

If you need accomodation we have partner which has Pension for very good price and 10 minutes from the airport only. 

We fly 7 days per week. You can start any time.

We are first flight school which offer MEP and MEP/IR training with Cessna 421C which has pressurized cabin, glass cocpit…

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